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Klean Gutters Midwest Case Studies: Leaf Sentry Gutter Protection Replaced with Klean Gutters Leaf Guard in Saginaw, MI

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 by Jackie Cook


Leaf Sentry gutter guards were completely failing to protect these gutters on this home in Saginaw, Michigan. With acorns, oak leaves and twigs still capable of getting into these gutters, this puts this home at risk for clogging, which leads to water damages and overflowing to name a few. Not to mention, flat gutter protection essentially makes a really nice shelf for debris to lay on top of.


Our crew was able to clean, realign, reflash and reseal (with 50-year sealant) the existing gutters & downspouts, which were in good condition. Also added where necessary, were hidden hangers for durability. By custom bending and installing our Klean Gutters Leaf Guard, this ensures nothing but water will get past this gutter protection.

Klean Gutters is a surgical grade stainless steel micromesh (50 micron - nothing organic will stick to it) that is backed with expanded aluminum, therefore none of our hardware will rust, rot or corrode. Klean Gutters is 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog-free guaranteed and also comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

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