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Klean Gutters Midwest Case Studies: Clogged LeafFilter Replaced with Klean Gutters Leaf Guard in White Pigeon, MI

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 by Jackie Cook


With LeafFilter laying flat on the gutters of this White Pigeon, Michigan home, the oak leaves accumulated causing maintenance for the homeowner. With leaves laying on top of gutter protection, you will indefinitely have over shooting of the gutters when it rains. Also, with the temperature changes we experience through the seasons, the plastic banding was cracked, which even further reduces the capability of this product of working properly.


To guarantee the homeowner will never have any maintenance or clogging, LeafFilter was removed along with the existing gutters. Installing 6" seamless gutters that were tied into the existing downspouts and custom fit Klean Gutters Leaf Guard is the only 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog free guaranteed fix. Being custom fit with the pitch of the roof, this product does not lay flat, which ensures all leaves and debris will shed. Klean Gutters Leaf Guard uses no plastic or glue and will never rust, rot or corrode!

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