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Gutter Guards Case Studies: LeafFilter Gutter Guard Replacement in Grosse Ile, MI

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 by Jackie Cook


With locust trees in the yard of this Grosse Ile, Michigan home, LeafFilter gutter guards were no protection at all. The leaves and small debris from these types of trees sitting on top of LeafFilter caused the gutters to clog, and greatly increasing the risk of costly water damages to the home, including rotting of the foundation. Installed flat like a shelf, the leaves have nowhere to fall therefore sitting on top of the gutter protection leaving no choice but for necessary maintenance to prevent clogging.


With the existing gutters in good condition, we removed LeafFilter gutter protection before completely cleaning them out. For efficiency, we realigned, reflashed, and resealed the gutters with 50-year sealant. To ensure stability, replacing loose hangers and adding hidden hangers every 3ft versus the standard 6ft. In addition to one patented inside miter solution, we custom fit (on site) our Klean Gutters Leaf Guard with the pitch of the roof for proper protection. We happily back every installation of Klean Gutters with a 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog-free guarantee and a lifetime transferable warranty as well! 

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