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Fascia Replacement and 5" Seamless Gutter Installation in South Bend, IN

This South Bend, Indiana home's fascia and gutters had seen better days and were in need of replacement. We quickly set about replacing (60ft) 6x1 and (20ft) 4x1 of fascia that was rotting before installing new 5" seamless aluminum gutters (flashed, aligned and sealed with 50 year sealant), hung with hidden hangers and (4) 2x3 downspouts & (4) 2x3 kickers. The results of the fascia and gutter replacement speak for themselves.

5" Seamless Gutters and Klean Gutters Leaf Guard in South Bend, IN

We installed 5" seamless gutters and Klean Gutters Leaf Guard on this home in South Bend, Indiana for proper water management and better gutter protection. Klean Gutters Leaf Guard is 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog-free guaranteed and also comes with a lifetime transferable warranty! Without proper water management, your home is at risk for damages such as leaking in the basement and rotting of the soffit & fascia. Thankfully this won't be a problem with these new gutter guards installed!

Gutter Guard Installation for Pine Needles in Rockford, MI

This beautiful home in Rockford, Michigan is surrounded by pine trees. With exposed gutters and pine needles, this can cause a serious problem with clogging, leading to water damages. With the installation of Klean Gutters Leaf Guard these homeowners are guaranteed to only have water entering their gutters. Klean Gutters is a 50 micron surgical grade stainless steel micromesh, that is custom fit with the pitch of the roof to shed all debris. With any flat gutter protection, maintenance will be required due to having debris lay on top but the problem of clogging should be removed. We offer a 100% no maintenance, no clog guarantee with this gutter protection, also backed with a lifetime transferable wararanty!

Seamless Gutters, Snow Bars and Gutter Guards Installed in Galien, MI

For this Galien, Michigan home with a steel roof we installed 5" seamless gutters tied into the existing downspouts, snow bars, (1) patented inside miter solution and custom fit Klean Gutters Leaf Guard. Being custom fit and not laying flat, Klean Gutters is optimal for any type of roof, including steel like this one. The homeowner was delighted with the results!

Replacement Klean Gutters Leaf Guard in Union Pier, MI

These DIY gutter guards lay flat and failed to protect the gutters on this home in Union Pier, Michigan and ultimately caused water damages. To fix this problem, Klean Gutters Midwest installed new 6x1 fascia board, 6x1 fascia wrap, 5" seamless gutters and Klean Gutters Leaf Guard. Klean Gutters Leaf Guard is 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog free guaranteed and is also backed with a lifetime transferable warranty! Not only do the replacement gutters guards offer better protection, but they also look far better!

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