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Gutters & Downspouts Case Studies: Failing DIY Gutter Guards Replaced in Newaygo, MI

Monday, November 5th, 2018 by Jackie Cook


Curved aluminum gutter protection on the gutters of this home in Newaygo, Michigan, didn't stop the maintenance or clogging for these homeowners. Leaves, twigs and debris still got past these gutter covers, putting the home at great risk for water damages, and dangerous ladder climbing with the need for maintenance.


Removing the existing gutter protection and installing custom fit Klean Gutters Leaf Guard is the only 100% lifetime maintenance free, clog free guaranteed way of protecting your gutters the right way. Klean Gutters Leaf Guard is a (50 micron) surgical grade stainless steel micromesh, that will GUARANTEE nothing but water will enter any gutter. With Klean Gutters being custom fit with the pitch of the roof and not a flat product, this is also a guarantee of no maintenance. With surgical grade, nothing organic sticks to this gutter protection and being backed with expanded aluminum, will never rust, rot or corrode.

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